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Jimmy DeYoung
Prophezine has published a biography of Jimmy DeYoung. You can read this biography article on Prophezine's website.

Jimmy DeYoung
Worldview Weekend has written a biography on Jimmy DeYoung. You can find DeYoung's biography on Worldview Weekend's website.

Jimmy DeYoung
You can read Jimmy DeYoung's biography on Jimmy DeYoung's official website.


Jimmy DeYoung on Prophecy Today Intelligence Briefing

The Who's Who of Prophecy

Prophecy Today With Jimmy DeYoung


Jimmy DeYoung Ministries
This is the official website of Jimmy DeYoung where you can find his works, biography, and many other Christian resources.

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Books Written

Sound The Trumpets
By Jimmy DeYoung
Just how close are we to the Rapture of the Church? Do events taking place in the Middle East and around the world have prophetic importance? In his latest book, Sound the Trumpets, Jimmy DeYoung examines these question and explains just how near the rapture could possibly be. By comparing four trends from prophetic scripture to current events taking place in the world today, Jimmy shows that the stage is set, every actor is in place and the curtain is about to go up in the end time scenario put forth in the Bible.

Audio Sermon

1967 Buffer Zones - Why They Are Important for the Survival of Israel

2 Jewish Nations - Information

2 Jewish Nations - Scripture

7 Major Jewish Feasts, 4 Fulfilled

911 - Opening Pandora's Box

A Message of Prophecy by Dr.Jimmy DeYoung

Allegorical Interpretation and Dating of Revelation

Babylon, Pergamos and Rome - Revelation 17 & 18

Balfour Declaration

Bible Prophecy Conference

Bible Prophecy Conference - Revelations

Bi Guest Lecturers Dr Jimmy DeYoung

Code of Conduct for Conversions in Israel

Creationism Banned in Public Schools in Europe

Daniel 11 - 4 Kingdoms

Daniel 11 and Leaders, Including the Antichrist

DeYoung, Jimmy - Prophecy Today

DeYoung, Jimmy - Prophecy Today

Emergent Church & the Purpose Driven Life

Emerging Church's View of Israel

Examining Current Events in Light of Bible Prophecy

Feast of Tabernacles

Glenn Beck Wants Everybody To Call Him A "Jew"

Global Warming from a Biblical View - Dr. John Whitcomb


Infectious Disease Is Spreading Faster Than Ever

Israel's Borders

Jerusalem - Past, Present and Future

Jerusalem - the Center of the Earth

Jerusalem - the Center of the Garden of Eden

Jews in the Tribulation

Jimmy DeYoung 01

Jimmy DeYoung mp3
Available sermons on this page are: Esau and the Palestinians, Ezekiel: Retribution or Restoration, and Breaking News.

Killer Robots

Kosovo 101 - Basic Background

Land Covenant of God to Israel


Nations of Genesis, Part 1

Nations of Genesis, Part 2

Nimrod's One World Government

Palestine History

Pentecost Explanation

Petra, the 7th Wonder of the World

Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory

Problem of the Jesuits by Brandon House

Prophecy and Literal Interpretation of the Bible

Prophecy Today Weekend

Purim and the Edomites

Revived Roman Empire

Russia, OPEC and China

Syria in the End Times

Tabernacle and Temple - Past, Prophetic and Present

Temples - 3rd and 4th

Temple - Past, Present and Prophetic

Today’s Radio Show – Live with Dr. Jimmy DeYoung

Tony Blair the His Job as Mid-East Envoy for the Quartet

Tower of the Flock (Migdal Adar)

UFO's and Evil Angels

Yom Kippur

Video Sermon

Ankerberg Worldview - Part 1

Defending the Faith, Part 7

DeYoung Answers Prophecy Questions

Future Generations - Part 3

How Can I Understand the Book of Revelation

Questions on the Book of Revelation

Ready with an Answer, Part 2

Ready with an Answer, Part 3

Romans: The Letter that Changed the World, Part I (Chapters 1-3a)

Signs of the Last Days with Jimmy DeYoung, Part 2

Signs of the Last Days with Jimmy DeYoung, Part 3

The Future Jewish Temple

The Importance of Israel

The Roles of Syria and Egypt in the Ezekiel 38 War

The Three Pillars of the Book of Revelation

The Two Coming Wars

What Are the Signs of the Last Days?

Video Interviews

Jimmy DeYoung "Israel Under Fire"

Books written in PDF

Jimmy DeYoung's books
You can download 2 of Jimmy DeYoung's books on this website. The titles are: Israel Under Fire: The Prophetic Chain of Events That Threatens the Middle East, and Sound The Trumpets.

Blogs about

Where is the Ark of the Covenant?
By Jimmy DeYoung


Glenn Beck Wants Everybody to Call Him A "Jew"
By Jimmy DeYoung

Israeli Officials Say That North Korea Is Still A Danger To The Jewish State Even With The Death Of Its Leader
By Jimmy DeYoung

Israel Video Tour

Joshua Travel Israel Tour with Jimmy DeYoung

Daily Devotional

BABYLON - Jimmy DeYoung's Daily Devotional

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung 12/30/12AM

Jimmy DeYoung's Prophetic Prospective Daily Devotional

Jimmy DeYoung's Prophetic Prospective Daily Devotional

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