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R.B. Ouellette

First Baptist Church of Bridgeport

Bus Conference Session 2

Equipping Grandparent | Pastor and Mrs. Ouellette

Is There Any Hope

Jesus and Storms, Walking

Jesus and Storms - Walking | Continued

Oops! They Supposed

Oops! Waking Up Dead | Continued

There are Four of Them

They Supposed

Lancaster Baptist Church (LBC) Sermon Media

25th Ann. Evening Service

A New Beginning

Arise and Go

At Thy Word: Tuesday Night

Bitterness Springing Up

Continue in Soulwinning

Crumby Christians

Having Done All

I Was Afraid

Revive Thy Work

Rooted in Outreach

SLC 2012, Tuesday Morning Dr. R.B. Ouellette

Spiritual Leadership 2009 Life's Greatest Question

Spiritual Leadership 2009 Sunday Evening

Spiritual Leadership 2009 Tuesday Evening

Tuesday Morning: Spiritual Leadership Conference 2010

Tuesday PM

Wednesday Night SLC 2011

Ministry 127

3 Ideas to Boost Attendance at Your Missions Conference

4 Simple Ways to Help People Continue

4 Steps to Discern God's Will

5 Keys to Restoring Damaged Relationships

5 Responses to the Birth of Christ

5 Thoughts on Christian Liberty

5 Tips for Handling Your Money

5 Ways to Stay Personal

6 Helpful Tips for Preaching to Children

6 Things to Consider When You Have to Cut Back

7 Principles for Music in the Church

7 Steps to Defuse Difficult Situations

7 Tips for Using Your Sunday School Christmas Program as an Evangelistic Tool

7 Ways to Help Young People Cultivate a Heart for the Lord's Work

7 Ways to Warm Your Heart

8 Practical Steps to Setting a Church Budget

11 Tips for a Building Program

12 Reasons Every Christian Should Win Souls

14 Ways to Change the Spirit in Your Church

Acceptance Without Approval

Accepting Imperfect People

A Christmas Carol

A God that Maketh Known

A Good Leader Always Takes the Blame

A Miracle in the Garden

A More Sure Text

An Expected End

An Integrated Discipleship Ministry

Are You Lazy and Messy?

A Strong Stand with a Sweet Spirit

Becoming What We Left

Breathing New Life into Your Soulwinning Program

Can You Fight and Be Spiritual at the Same Time?

Chasing Buzzards

Choose the Easy Way

Contemporary Medicine and Anemic Christians

Dealing with Awkward Situations Smoothly

Dealing with Delinquent Church Members


Encouraging Younger Pastors

Equally Different

Except Ye Repent

Fragmented Fundamentalism or Separation by Preference

Getting Your Friends to Jesus

God's Christmas Tree

How to Get along with Almost Anybody

How to Help People Overcome Sinful Lifestyles and Habits

How to Treat Missionaries

Is Your Soulwinning a Passion or a Program?

Keeping Your Spirit Right

"Liberals" and "Pharisees"

Looking for Heretics or Making Converts

Made to Serve

Making Friends in Your Community

Making Your Messages More Meaningful

Many Ministries, Many Miracles

Ministering to Homeschoolers

Religion vs. Relationship

Remade, Not Repaired

Starting Multiple Adult Classes

Take Heed Unto Thyself

The Basis for Biblical Standards

The Blessings and Banes of Technology

The End of the Commandment

The Man Behind the Message

The Most Dangerous Book in the World

The Most Important Part of the Sermon

Then Shall We Know

The Wooden Leg Theory

Tips for Marriage Counseling

Tips for Treating Teens with Compassion

Truth Revealed

Using Testimonies Effectively in a Stewardship Campaign

Very Much Land

Watering Souls

Where Do You Get Your Sermons?

Why I Am Not a Calvinist

R.B. Ouelette

An Imperfect Saint

Don't Say it in Gath

Family vs. Church

Separating Spiritually

These Necessary Things


R. B. Oullette

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