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Lester Roloff

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About Lester Roloff
This page contains the extraordinary and inspiring faith-filled biography of Lester Roloff’s biography. The website Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises, Inc. is a Christian radio ministry founded by Lester Roloff in 1944.

Lester Roloff - 50 Years in the Ministry (Classic)
This video shows the life and ministry of one of America’s unusual men of God, Lester Roloff.

Lester Roloff Books at Amazon
Check out Amazon’s list of Lester Roloff’s books and other resources.

Lester Roloff Quotes
This page features several “words of wisdom” quoted by Evangelist Lester Roloff. You can use these quotes for inspiration, for your sermons, or for sharing to someone who you want to experience God’s saving grace.

Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises, Inc. and The Family Altar Program
This is the official website of Brother Lester Roloff. You can find his ongoing ministries like the Family Altar Program, a Christian radio ministry he founded in 1944. You can also find Roloff’s works on this website.


94 Sermons By Evangelist Lester Roloff — Mp3 Multimedia CD - 2008 By Evangelist Lester Roloff
Listing of the sermons you’ll be able to listen to: Family Visit, A Letter From a Lovely Man, Renewed Mind, Soldier That Stands, A World Decaying, All, Appointments, and more.

Lester Roloff—126 Great Messages from the Past
This page contains a collection of interesting, Word-filled and powerful preachings by Lester Roloff.

Lester Roloff’s Sermons at Old Path Sermons

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